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Meet Barb

Barb Regnitz is a former successful financial advisor, political outsider, and the conservative Republican in the race for county commissioner. She is a pro-life, pro-taxpayer, and pro-law public safety leader. Barb is dedicated to listening to the people of Porter County, hearing their concerns, goals, and helping residents achieve a better quality of life here in our county. As county commissioner, Barb will serve as a true conservative voice. She understands the benefits of working closely with all the elected officials who want to lead with transparency, honesty and with a strong commitment to county taxpayers.

Barb Regnitz headshot

Barb's Plan

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Protecting Our Tax Dollars

Part of Barb’s role as a financial advisor was helping others invest and design a responsible spending plan so they wouldn’t outlive their assets. As county commissioner, Barb will make sure that OUR county government takes the same approach with our hard-earned tax dollars.

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Advocating for Us

Barb understands that many residents feel that we have lost our voice in local government. She believes that there needs to be more of an effort made to build a truer and more transparent partnership between our elected officials and those of us who have been electing them. She believes that the truest definition of “community” starts with elected public officials who seek out and value public participation in our local government.